Power SMPP Client

Easy to use C# SMPP Client library to implement two way enterprise messaging platform with any third party application

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Power SMPP Server

Design and develop enterprise grade SMSC with our robust SMPP server library

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Hosted SMPP Application

Ready to use web based SMS gateway Server with option to connect multiple telco SMSC

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Power SMPP iTextWeb

User friendly easy to use messaging tool to communicate with your clients.

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What is Power SMPP?

Power SMPP is a Asp.net C# library designed to implement SMPP protocol for any enterprise communication (currently support SMPP v3.4). It provides interfaces to communicate with Message Center or ESME (External Short Message Entity) and able to handle traffic 3000-5000 messages per second.

SMPP is stand for Short Message Peer to Peer. It is a standard protocol for exchanging SMS messages between SMS entities over TCP/IP or X.25 connections.

This library is created to reduce the verbosity of the existing SMPP protocol. It’s very simple and easy to use because it hides the complexity of the low level protocol communication such as automatically enquire link request-response.

SMPP Client Library

Suitable for Enterprises/Developer who just need a SMPP client (EMSE) just to connect and send/ receive messages from any SMS agreegrator or Telecom Service provider(SMSC)

SMPP Client and Server Library

Suitable for SMS agreegators who need to develop an independent SMSC and further resale enterprise messaging platform to cater services like Bulk SMS,Short Code,Long Code

Power SMPP iTextWeb

iTextWeb is web based hosted SMPP client/server suite with ready to use user interface control panel. No technical background is require to use this hosted SMPP Server.


  • Supports concatenated messages
  • Supports Unicode messages.
  • Throughput of 500 messages per second
  • Multiple client connections
  • Sends and receives SMS messages
  • Supports Flash SMS
  • Keeps a connection to SMSC server alive via EnquireLink
  • Multiple outbound Telco connectivity


Power SMPP library is clean and simple to implement. Samples given along with library are self explainatory and addesses all our needs. It took us only few minutes to implement the messaging capability in our application. We are very happy. – Jonathan Karry

We have tried many open source libraries for our two way application before using Power SMPP. This library has very organised approach and samples are excellent. We are using this library to send and receive message through SMPP connectivity from our operator without any hassle. – Vivan Chelsia

Power SMPP provides an excellent set of library to cater our need to sending important mid-night alerts from our MIS. Implementation is very quick and simple. We recommend it to every developer looking for implementing messaging capability into their application. – Harish