High Throughput

Power SMPP caters for an enterprise grade highly scalable solution for two way hosted messaging server. Throughput is the game which makes Power SMPP a niche application

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Power SMPP comes with all of the necessary recommended plugins which can be yours with a few clicks. Our core engine can be integrated in any Kannel SMPP based application

Packed With Goodies

We have developed various plugins such as MO (Short code/ Long code) , Voice SMS and Missed Call to make your business grown when it comes to diversify your vertical

Load balancing

Our software suit allows you to connect unlimited telecom / agreegator gateway to balance your load when you have larger campaigns to process in short span of time

Next-Gen SMPP Messaging Application is here

Why re-invent wheels? Power SMPP with its decades of experience, has already developed multiple software applications and plugins for the aggregators who want to run their own two way enterprise messaging business (SMS MT/ SMS MO). Entire application is developed using state of art scalable SMSC in mind. Our interface is designed for entrepreneurs who really mean business. Our architecture is designed to scale from 100 to 1000 SMS per second

We have over decades of domain expertise in delivering messaging application globally

We have a team of experienced solution architects who guides you on customized solution for better scalibility, reliability and throughput. Our team has an established designed pattern with start to end approach while considering any customized requirement specially on desired throughput requirement between ESME and Telco SMPP server.

Features and benefits

Our self hosted SMPP panel is an On-Premises solution with option to connect multiple SMSCs. Any number of external SMPP gateway can be added along with load balancing logic to handle larger SMS campaign. Additional plugins such a Missed Call, Voice SMS, Short code and Long code can be opted at any stage of business relationship

Advance Billing Module

MCC , MNC code and mobile prefix based advance billing module to leverage cost effective routing of SMS traffic

Intelligent Routing

Our SMPP server application is designed with local and global rule based routing to divert traffic based on CLI or Destination

Failover Handler

In case of any sudden gateway failover, pending traffic of the gateway can be diverted through an alternate SMPP gateway

Queue monitor

Queued traffic on each gateway can be monitored using live queue monitoring tool to get a sense of system capability and congestion

Scale out with our solid architecture

Our distributed design pattern and architecture helps you scale out your business and SMPP based SMS traffic without any hurdle. TPS scaling can be planned by adding additional CPU/GPU capability based on your requirement and peak load.  While adding additional resource and capability, you can also implement HA (High availability) architecture to enhance redundancy of your system.   Our advance queuing technology helps you switch your traffic between gateways  in real-time during any eventuality. To make our system more flexible, we have added the capability of  increasing and decreasing  session, between you and SMSC or ESME,  on the fly without any service restart. Our architecture is fully compliant to work over any telco VPN.

The Team you will love to work with. We believe in delivering solution which adds value to your business

Our team has established a proven designed pattern with start to end approach while delivering any customized requirement, specially on high throughput requirement between ESME and Telco SMPP server. We take care of all your traffic needs. Every country has different needs and challenges, when it comes to mobile messaging solution. Lets discuss it now and start a partnership.

Product Showcase

Power SMPP caters for multiple categories for SMPP application and software suite to meet different business needs, starting from retail business to wholesale business. Our SMPP Application, SMPP Panel, SMS Widgets, SMS Plugins and SMS Software/Panel are developed based on various needs and requirements. Our application is fully compatible with Kannel or any other open source application. Talk to our expert for easy integration of our SMPP engine in your existing application and database


iTextWeb is web based hosted SMPP client/server suite with ready to use user interface control panel. No technical background is require to use this hosted SMPP Server. Entire application is installed in your hosting infrastructure. This product is highly recommend for agreegators who are working retail market of SMS solution. It has the capability of connecting unlimited outbound SMPP gateway, to give you more freedom in terms of LCR based routing over all load balancing


iTextBlaze is designed for wholesale agreegators/resellers who are mainly running their business on SMPP to SMPP model. This model is typically used for handling high volume SMPP traffic.

iTextBlaze stands for high performance, flexibility and reliability. Our web based UI provides an easy to use front-end for managing the Blaze server, Services, Trouble shooting and managing client accounts.

Are you a Developer ? Looking to develop something of your own ?

Our SMPP Client and server library is compliant with SMPP protocol which helps you to connect/bind unlimited external smpp gateways. SMPP gateways can be purchased from any Telecom operator or established agreegator. You can establish/bind multiple session with any third party SMSCs and SMS gateways to exchange your SMS traffic. 

Power SMPP Client Library

Power SMPP is a high performance .net client/server library to communicate over TCP/IP with SMPP server using SMPP protocol. Client library helps seamless integration with your application to send and receive SMS (Two way SMS MO/MT). Power SMPP client also know as EMSE communicates with SMPP Server (also called SMSC) using SMPP protocol. A client initiates the TCP connection a TX/RX/TXRX session to bind with a SMSC to exchange messages. After successful bind operation PDUs are exchanged in the form of a series of request response pair. Request can be initiated by either end (peer-to-peer). Every unique request carries a sequence number followed by corresponding sequence number in the response. 

Suitable for Enterprises/Developer who just need a SMPP client (EMSE) just to connect and send/ receive messages from any SMS agreegrator or Telecom Service provider(SMSC).

Power SMPP Server

Power SMPP Server is a pure managed high performance .net library which can be used to develop SMPP Server for accepting connections from multiple SMPP clients (EMSE).Power SMPP Server provides flexible and simple methods to develop an state of art SMSC which can be scaled from time to time to increase the throughput of SMSC.The library also supports asynchronous mode and multi-threading guarantying high performance delivered. Multiple EMSE sessions enables end users to scale the throughput and over all traffic clearance capability. Power SMPP Server makes two way communication very simple and effective in a scenario where SMSC needs to work as relay server.

Suitable for SMS agreegators who need to develop an independent SMSC and further resale enterprise messaging platform to cater services like Bulk SMS,Short Code,Long Code.