Power SMPP iTextBlaze

iTextBlaze is designed for wholesale agreegators/resellers who are mainly running their business on SMPP to SMPP model.
iTextBlaze SMPP Server is used for handling high volume SMPP traffic. Our on-premise self hosted solution can be integrated with your existing messaging application or database

High Performance

iTextBlaze is desinged to handle large amount of traffic and stands for its high performance and redundant ability. Our Web based UI is desinged to measure real time throughput on different outbound SMPP gateways using web-socket technologies. Throughput toggle button ensures minimum resource utilization during monitoring of SMPP SMS traffic.

High Performance SMPP

Monitoring and Logging

iTextBlaze is desiged to deliver detailed report with the help of deeper level of data warehousing concept. Reports can be generated on multiple parameters which helps to measure the business pluse in real-time. It also has a report automation module which triggers email alerts with MIS summary at a predifined time.

  • Configurable log with verbosity levels
  • Real-Time Log Control Mechanism (RLCM)
  • SMPP Server and SMPP Client log
  • ESME wise PDU logging
  • Real-Time throughput check
  • Log file rotation based on size and time
SMPP Monitoring

Responsive design

Our responsive design approach that makes use of flexible layouts, images, CSS and media queries gives a better user experience for wide range of devices. Our goal of responsive design is to build a UI that detect the visitor's screen size and orientation and change the layout accordingly.

Responsive SMPP

Easy SMPP fault finding 

iTextBlaze has a web based fault finding interface, where system administrator and drill down faults at PDU level. PDU packets can be intercepted based on various command ids or PDU body parameters. Its has option of logging any selected ESME for its PDU dump for details analysis and fault finding.

SMPP Fault Finding

Robust and Scalable Architecture 

Our robust and scalable architecture makes iTextBlaze a market leader. Every minor details in terms of resource consumption, IOPS monitoring and CPU utilisation have been taken care of during the process of development of this product. A mixed technology approach has been adopted to make the system robust and scalable.

Intelligent routing 

Virtually any kind of message routing can be implemented in iTextBlaze, but in the standard setup iTextBlaze routing table can be managed based on: Sender Originator Sender and Originator both.
Note: A more specific route will take priority over a more general route

SMPP Routing

Maximum uptime of resources

Uptime of any system is directly related to the business goal of any organisation. iTextBlaze has a web based logging and monitoring module which not only helps to monitor your system from any corner of the world but also to trigger an alarm during any outage and alerts the monitoring team with the help of SMS and email.

SMPP Uptime

SPAM control and Security 

  • Authentication (username/password, HTTP basic auth)
  • Limit ESME account access on IP addresses or IP ranges
  • Blacklist / White-list
  • Strong customizable SPAM control algorithm
    *SSL support for all connections (On demand)
Secure SMPP