Few countries have regulatory requirement to differentiate between promotional and transactional SMS. Since it is country specific requirement, its not available by default. However same can configured based on client requirement. SMPP Gateway time limit can also be implemented in such scenario. Any messages queued after the stipulated timing window are queued automatically for next day delivery. In more better extend the SMS which owns some restriction  over sending the message to bulk of people are know as promotional SMS as example a shop brands their offer and message over the bulk but some people are irritate of that due to they configured their number as DND(Do Not Disturb) so no messages regarding promotion and advertisement will be delivered to the same number instead of his/her own subscribes in channels.
In opposite to the Promotional messages the SMS which are used for informative purpose such as alert message, balance updates, order tracking & service updates are know as transaction SMS. the best example for the transaction message is when you salary is debit/credits in your account you get the message from the bank with your current transaction and balance information.

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