iText HUB

Power SMPP iTextHUB Application is a complete software suit for the aggregators and MVNOs who wants to run their own two way retail enterprise messaging business (SMS MT/ SMS MO).iTextHUB is designed to accommodate every single requirement of a retail customer such as a web panel for bulk sms campaign, online contact management detail summary, SMS billing, RESTful API etc. Integrated SMPP Server and Advance routing module makes iTextHub a preferred choice for MVNOs.



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    High Throughput

    High throughput to support larger volume and better efficiency of SMPP application

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    Dynamic SMS Routing

    Live traffic monitoring with dynamic SMS routing and LCR

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    White Labeled

    100% White labeled interface with Admin and Reseller roles on their own domain/sub-domain

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    Fast and Reliable

    Fast, reliable, multi-connect SMPP gateway handles large volumes via SMPP Engine.

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    International Billing

    International billing/ MCC/MNC Billing, multi-currency support

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    Load Balancing

    Load balancing between SMPP gateways to facilitate better redundancy in the system

Addon Plugins

Missed Call plugin

Missed call services can be used as a web-based platform that allows you to create instant feedback, voting, business lead generation campaign.

Voice SMS Plugin

Voice SMS blast is specially designed to spread communication effectively. It allows pre-recorded voice to be automatically broadcast to designated groups.

Excel Plugin

With Excel plugin You can create your SMS by merging different columns in you Excel sheet. Our Excel SMS Plugin allows to send custom messages to each recipients.

Short Code Plugin

Short codes are widely used for television voting, pulling information from application, sales force automation, interactive campaign and various mobile services.

Long Code Plugin

Long Code is basically used for receiving incoming SMS from any mobile device to your application. The biggest advantage of Long Number is it has global reach.

Smart SMS Plugin

SMART SMS Plugin solution with wider reporting feature and data profiling. Data rich GUI based reporting not only helps you measure the response.

Administration Module

User Management

Clicking on user administration tab, you will able to add new user and search user


This tab help you to view all Template request, Sender Id request and Media files


Clicking on setting tab, different option like, Manage Black list Numbers, Spam keywords,Site Branding, Change password etc

Manage Channel

This tab help admin to manage different services like MO channel, Missed Call channel etc.

Configuration Module

Deamon Services

While clicking on Deamon Service tab, you will see your backend service running i.e cache services, client services, Dlr services etc.

Gateway configuration

This tab helps you to manage your SMPP gateway and error codes

Server Configuration

Admin can manage their SMPP account while clicking on server configuration tab


Manage API

In this tab, Admin can manage API services

Reporting Module

User Report

This tab helps you to see and download userwise, senderID wise report

Hover Box Element

This tab helps to view gateway wise report, check gateway performance and manage outbox count.

Manage Channel

This tab help admin to manage different services like MO channel, Missed Call channel etc.

Billing Module

Master Data Manager

In this tab you can manage countries, network operators and prefixes

Route Plan Manager

This tab is basically a bridge between gateway and users. Admin can manipulate best possible gateways in plan without the knowledge of users.

Routing Manager

This tab allows admin to manage different routing policies to their user and resellers.

Quick Configuration

Currency Manager

This tab allows admin to manage multiple currency and evaluating based on base currency.

House Keeping

For wiping/reset data i.e countries, currency, gateway price etc


Debug Tools

SMPP Server

This tab helps you to manage your SMPP gateway and error codes

SMPP Clients

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iText Hub Architecture

iTextHUB is developed using state of art scalable SMSC in mind. The architecture is designed to scale upto 1000 SMS per second for outbound traffic. This self hosted SMPP application can be install on your premises on your own server, giving you maximum flexibility and data security.



Power SMPP caters for an enterprise grade highly scalable solution for two way hosted messaging server. Our
application comes with all of the necessary recommended plugins which can be yours with a few clicks.

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