# Multiple interface, wider reach

SMPP Server

Extend industry-standard, SMPP connectivity to your partners and facilitate them to connect their ESME to your SMPP Server. SMPP interface is becoming a de-facto choice for new age enterprises. Our robust SMPP engine takes care of rationalized TPS, IP security, and syn flooding. 

Additional ad-ons such as a custom DND lookup, MNP dip, and HLR dip can be integrated with your SMPP Server without any hassle. No technical expertise is required. 

# Direct upstream connectivity with telco

SMPP Gateway

Connect upstream traffic with any vendor over SMPP protocol and manage custom TPS and sessions with just a few mouse clicks. Our web-based GUI, helps you configure sessions on the fly without restarting any component. This helps scale traffic without any downtime.

#Get the detailed logs for easy troubleshooting

SMPP Simulator

An SMPP simulator is software that acts as a virtual SMSC vendor. It will help to simulate the delivery of the messages which also includes the delivery receipts which will be displayed in the application.

This type of tool is extremely useful since it allows you to send millions of messages without paying any SMS delivery charges & can also simulate the application's scalability and capacity to evaluate the application's TPS capacity as well as the gateway capacity.

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