Open Source SMPP application : Scaling out

When it comes to SMPP application, its the architecture which matters. Various applications are developed and available in and around ┬áKannel. If you are a tech savvy person and technology enthusiast most probably you can setup your Kannel and kick start your first SMS campaign in couple of days. Major […]

5 Reasons for Kannel Alternative (SMPP)

Kannel is an excellent product with versatile capabilities. In fact Kannel is considered number one application when it comes to WAP Push and COM port messaging. Over the period of time, SMPP client was also adopted and implemented in Kannel. Coming to the topic, why agreegators and entrepreneurs are looking […]

Upgrading from shared reseller panel to own agreegator SMPP SMS panel

Every business or platform requires regular updates and upgrades to cope up with market demand and needs of their clients. Over the years ┬áBulk SMS industry in India has evolved very rapidly. The biggest gainers were agreegators, who have shared their platform to smaller resellers as volume fillers. Over the […]

5 Points to consider before you buy SMPP SMS Panel

If you are into bulk SMS business and currently using any rented or agreegator panel and seriously considering of owning your own SMPP SMS panel, following are 5 points to consider before you buy your SMPP SMS Panel. 1. Know you requirement You should analyse your SMS traffic for last […]

SMPP Server C# Windows

Our iTextWeb Messaging app is a hosted SMPP panel (all in one) and compliant with SMPP protocol which helps you to connect/bind unlimited external smpp gateways. SMPP gateways can be purchased from any Telecom operator or Bigger Established agreegator. You can establish/bind multiple session with any third party SMSCs and […]

Enterprise SMPP SMS MO and SMS MT

SMPP protocol is widely used in enterprise communication. Often we receive requests for developing an integrated solution where a single SMPP server can cater for both MO and MT traffic. Technically things are pretty clear and simple, however the biggest challange faced by engineers are to design the architecture and […]

SMPP vs http

SMPP was initially developed to test the functionality of telecom equipment, however in no time it was widely adopted and grown as a mature communication protocol. The biggest advantage of SMPP is that it supports two way messaging and maintains continuous connection with SMSC. Being stateless protocol SMPP maintains its […]