Benefits of OA / DA Translation of PDU

Flexibility is what makes any messaging application popular and subsequently leads to wider adaptability.


Every business has its own set of requirements. Over the period of time, the messaging business has grown exponentially and so is technology. One can not expect every single vendor to follow a specific rule set and protocol for seamless connectivity between vendors.


At times you need to manipulate the PDU header in order to meet certain regulatory guidelines or meeting any specific business requirement. We cannot expect our SMPP vendors to change their business logic to accommodate your specific business requirement.


PDU header modification had been a challenge for most of the SMSCs, as the majority of them are designed to work as a simple relay server. PDU modification adds an additional overhead and requires some extra amount of resources (CPU/RAM) and an intermediary queue for holding data. In order to implement PDU header modifications such as Originator Address (Sender ID), Destination Address (Mobile number), Message text, etc based on a certain logic, we have developed a proprietary OA/DA engine. This engine works over and above the routing engine.


In recent times our OA/DA engine has been appreciated by the majority of the license holders. This has been very useful for companies who are attaching a GOIP GSM gateway or any other third-party GSM gateway with the iTextHub application as a gateway.


To know more, feel free to reach out to our business team .

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