A2P Messaging Providers

What is A2P Messaging?


We are all familiar with P2P messaging, with the growing demand for instant customer connection, telecom operators gradually opened the messaging pipeline for aggregators in order to monetize their telecom resources. Entry of aggregators created opportunities for multiple use cases such as Voting, Feedback, Alerts, Notifications, Offers, and the most popular OTP. Any message originated with the help of an Application and meant for mobile equipment held by a person is called A2P messaging. This market is growing rapidly and its growth potential is remarkable.


A large amount of traffic is generated from social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. In 2017 alone, 1.67 trillion A2P messages were sent out. This number increased to about 1.7 trillion in 2018, and by 2022, It is estimated that A2P SMS traffic will grow to 2.8 trillion.


A2P messaging has proven to be a very effective and efficient way of communication for brand engagement and is widely used by enterprises for building strong customer relations and leveraging customer loyalty. Mobile verification and OTP are widely used by banks and other financial institutions to avoid any possible fraud in day-to-day transactions.


How to get A2P connectivity?


A2P connectivity is available from aggregators and even operators are willing to share their bandwidth for high-volume enterprises. All you need to ensure that you have the necessary technology in place to connect with their SMSC. The majority of service providers prefer connection over SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer). In case of non-availability of necessary expertise, a ready-to-use on-premise or loud solution can be rented or purchased.


List of leading A2P Messaging Gateway Providers:



Route Mobile


Value First



Message Bird

NTH Mobile


How to get software for A2P messaging?


The majority of A2P messaging gateway providers offer a white-label reseller interface for bulk messaging. If you want a personalized platform for the shake of data security and other regulatory compliance, you can reach our team at PowerSMPP for a turnkey solution. Our turnkey solution is available for banks, e-commerce companies, and other high-volume aggregators.

Complete A2P SMS Hubbing Solution

Enterprise grade, redundant and scalable ready to deply A2P SMSC with SS7 Sigtran
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