Role of Routing in SMPP: Which Routing Logic Do Your SMS Services Require?

When talking about SMPP applications for your SMS services, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken care of, and one of them is routing. The role of routing is very important in terms of competitive edge and revenue generation.


Routing forwards desired SMS through various logics defined by admin according to user’s requirements to their ultimate destination. Because there are so many routes to forward SMS, SMPP applications are built to optimize the route for the best pricing and quality. These logics also include SMS delivery, gateway selection (according to delivery time), traffic distribution, and more.


Current SMPP applications were unable to handle all these features in a single dashboard and because of that SMS service providers were losing revenue and quality of services.


By analyzing the SMS user requirements of integrating various routing logics into one application, technologies like PowerSMPP introduced an application that supports multiple routing modules in the same dashboard.


Types of Routing


Fixed Gateway

You can route all the SMS traffic from a selected gateway. It will be fixed as per your preferences. So you can select one default gateway for a particular user. It also gives you an option to set up a failover gateway in case of the primary gateway is not functional.


Least Cost Routing

This routing helps you the most in the case of pricing and revenue generation. According to users, you can select a gateway that has the least cost. Integrating this logic system will automatically select the least cost gateway and routes the traffic accordingly.


Load Distributor

PowerSMPP Application Supports Load Balancing and provides distribution of messages across your servers through its advanced feature (Load Distribution). In this feature, you can predefine the ratio of your traffic among multiple gateways to route your SMS traffic smoothly in less time.

Round Robin Routing:


Round Robin is the process to schedule a campaign in the circular method. It divides messages in circular flow; if you have assigned 3 gateways in round-robin logic then the flow will work as 1st message from 1st gateway, 2nd message from 2nd gateway, 3rd message from 3rd gateway. Again 4th message will route from the 1st gateway, this way circular scheduling method will follow.


Delivery Based Routing

In the end, it all comes down to SMS delivery. Each and every user wants SMS to be delivered on a 100% database. With delivery-based routing, you can set up priority routes to deliver SMS. The system will pick the appointed gateway for accurate SMS delivery.


Routing-based modules will change the way SMS businesses are generating revenue and providing services. This can be a huge leap in terms of customizing the SMPP application and SMS traffic.


According to your user’s requirements, you can appoint the right gateway and make the most out of the SMPP application. PowerSMPP also added services like Voice SMS, Missed call, IVR, smart SMS, and more in the same dashboard. This will give you chance to add more verticals to the existing business. It will be a one-stop solution for all other services.

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