How long are you willing to put up with an insecure SMS reseller panel?

Big organizations are switching to SMS marketing to reach a wider audience, and this makes the task more fragile for Bulk SMS providers. With the boom in the mobile marketing industry, the biggest challenge in front of SMS marketers will be Data Security and Better Services.


These threats come if you are relying on third-party applications or reseller panels for your client’s SMS requirements, even many cases of data theft by aggregators were also reported due to a shared platform.


The ultimate solution to these issues will be to own Bulk SMS software where you don’t need to use third-party applications and manage everything as an admin.


Pros of owning a bulk SMS software


Data Security:

Having your own SMS panel will be eliminating the risk of sharing credentials with any provider. This increases data security for your customers. This will lead to more effective campaigns and marketing strategies.


Increased Profit

While you are not paying any rent or charges to use the third-party application it straight away affects on profit margin. You can now set your own profit margins with your SMS plans and customize SMS rates according to customers.


Super Admin Access

Get rid of the reseller tab from your business and run your own bulk SMS business. With owning the SMS platform you can now white label your brand and expand it further. Super admin access will give you all the functions to compete with upcoming customer requirements.


Highly Scalable

With increasing customer demands you can also expand your bulk SMS services without paying high. Bulk SMS software comes with this amazing feature to scale your SMS traffic accordingly.


Multiple Gateways

Bulk SMS software/panel gives an option to attach unlimited gateways. The benefit will be, that you can load balance your traffic among gateways and also give your customers an option to choose from a priority gateway to a normal one according to campaign requirements.


Many Plugins, One Dashboard

In a single dashboard, you can provide services like Voice SMS, Missed call, IVR, smart SMS, and more. This will give you chance to add more verticals to the existing business. It will be the one-stop solution for all other services.


These points conclude, that having bulk SMS software is way better than using third-party applications. There are technology providers like PowerSMPP, who have understood the pain of resellers and came up with the idea of empowering resellers, with a product called iTextHub


The biggest advantage for resellers is that now they can be an owner of their own SMPP panel. Now they have a technology company supporting them on a day-to-day basis to enhance their own products.

Complete A2P SMS Hubbing Solution

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