High Availability, High Throughput

iTextHub is designed to scale horizontally to handle high throughput traffic requirements. Our distributed architecture can be adopted in the cloud as well as on-premise. All you need is a specialized network configuration and load balancer to handle high volume traffic. Over and above it is highly recommended to opt for a database replication server and a backup plan.

Once set, our intuitive architecture design helps you add more processing capacity, for SMPP or API traffic, on the fly. We are going to suggest a few of the solution designs based on our own assessment, however, it varies widely for each organization.

# Maximum uptime for your application

High Availability

High availability architecture is suggested where a customer needs a redundant solution with near-zero downtime. The recommended solution is to set up the same set of applications and services in two different boxes in the same location or different geo-location. In this design downstream traffic switching is managed automatically with the help of a load balancer, however upstream vendor connectivity switching will be a manual process.

# Scale as per your need

High Throughput

High throughput architecture is designed based on your peak load during business hours. We always recommend benchmarking your peak load before setting up your infrastructure. Our solution architect can also help you in recommending optimal TPS values for each box. These requirements can also change based on your traffic pattern on various interfaces such as HTTP or SMPP. This model is highly scalable and nodes can be added on the fly.

Based on your TPS requirement you can add multiple database nodes to distribute your writes.

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