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With the increasing growth in the international market calls every business is expanding globally. Entrepreneurs often face the hurdle of generating handsome revenue out of it.

The challenges assumed in the international market were more critical when the economy and currency level fluctuated in different countries of the world.


What are the major challenges faced in International Market with the A2P industry:


• Currency Rate Fluctuates

• Operator Wise change in Charges

• Evaluate financial transaction

• Error in Data Inputted in the application or database


How can you streamline financial transactions with Intelligent Billing Module?


PowerSMPP provides ease in international business with its advanced billing tools. Multiple countries can now be managed with a fingertip instantly. Also, it has a complete currency management system where you can add and manage multiple currencies of your choice so that you can easily manage your A2P SMS business with your international customers. Through its advanced billing module, it helps to increase the profit margin by leveraging cost-effective routing of SMS traffic by managing rates/pricing.


Rate Plan Management | It is designed to help and automate the business processes by managing accurate rates offered by your telecom operators. The billing module rate plan template is designed in such a way that you can define the prices based on a specific country, MCC-MNC based (Operator based), and allocate to your customers by maximizing your revenue margin of yours.


Loss-Protection Software | This tool will help the admin to identify if the admin is having any kind of revenue leakages. The application will detect and immediately stop the transaction if the admin is facing any kind of loss due to typo mistakes and number manipulations of admin to protect from occurring loss in business.


Multi-Currency & Countries Supported | Admin can add multiple currencies as well as countries into the application and create a flat country-wise rate plan template to make the billing process easier. Even though users are from corners of the world, the admin can evaluate all the transactions in base currency (i.e., Admin Currency).


MCC/MNC & Prefix-based Billing | Application has a feature functionalities where you can build up your own database for the MCC/MNC and prefixes and configure the rates for the same with respect to the different routes added in the application. Its interface is easier to manage data by adding manually or having a bulk upload option.


Apart from that, it also supports real-time billing, low balance credit alerts also.

Also, PowerSMPP coming up with a brand new online payment gateway integration feature and automated invoicing module to add more value to the business to make the billing process easier and smarter.

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