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Supervisory Executive Module | Helping Hand for Admin


Running the SMS business is highly profitable in terms of revenue, but at the same time, managing a huge business single handedly is quite challenging for Super Admins. Managing a large application with sophisticated module is a daunting task. Managing vendors’ connections, routing policies, reporting, user profiling, rate allocations, billing, etc. is not easy to manage single handedly by any business owner.

How would you ensure a business security by hand over a complete access of the system?

Allowing complete access of entire systems to all the employees might not be a good idea as it raises various constraints related to data security.

To add more flexibility, security and accountability, PowerSMPP have designed a highly secure permission based access control system for every module.

Specific permission can be enabled based on roles and responsibilities of employees working in NOC and Billing department.

NOC team can be assigned with rights and privileges to manage technical functions of the application, whereas a support executive role can be limited to user profiling. Similarly, finance can have access to reporting module.

Every executive role gets a separate login and can visit restricted areas specific to their role.

All such activities are stored audit log and super admin can track the activities performed by their executives with details like date time stamp, activity detail etc.

Advantages of Permission Module:

High Security

Admin need not to hand over the entire application to every employee and also keeps an eye on every action of an employee.

Easy task Allocation

Every organization has a different process for every department and roles are assigned to specialized person in specific areas.

Audit Log Monitor Mechanism

Super Admin can monitor event wise audit log from a central location and keep a strong vigil fro the entire system, ensuring data security. Detail audit log also ensures regulatory compliance and useful in   real-time information sharing with law enforcement agencies in case of any cyber crime.

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