# Stop paying for expensive billing software

Routing and Billing

Our integrated billing module manages master data upload with country code, network code, selling price, etc. MCC/MNC code and mobile prefix-based advance billing module help increase margins by leveraging cost-effective routing of SMS traffic. You have the flexibility of a flat country-wise pricing module or an MCC/MNC-wise prefixed-based module. Route Plans can be created using a ready to use a template.

# Collecting payments made easy


Collecting payment from pre-paid or post-paid users made simple. Get your invoice generated automatically based on the billing cycle set against each partner profile. An integrated payment gateway makes life easier for partners to pay online. Invoicing module comes with an insightful dashboard where you can track all your invoices at one place

# Accurate reporting for A2P SMSC

DLR/CDR Reporting

CDR or more precisely DLR in the context of A2P messaging is considered to be a very critical module to measure the quality and promptness of SMS traffic. Our DLR engine uses a complex caching algorithm to ensure 100% DLR capture and in-depth status-wise reporting. Going a step further, our DLR engine actively works in sync with the routing engine to support adaptive routing based on QOS.  

# Realtime traffic flow insight

Live Monitoring

It's difficult to predict traffic during peak business hours. Our Live monitoring module monitors various data points relevant to your SMS traffic congestion, load, delivery, etc, and provides meaningful insights which help in taking critical routing decisions in real-time.

# Meaningful drill down reporting

Business Insight and Analytics

Data without insight has no value attached to it. Our data profiling algorithm does the job for you. Various data points are captured and fed into a profiling engine to generate drill-down reporting for both the ends i.e. partners and vendor gateways.

# Flexible DIY interface

Advance Configuration

Complex applications require a flexible design interface with a simplified configuration workflow. Our main aim was to keep the App owners away from CLI and experience everything GUI-based. An out-of-the-box communicator engine was designed which takes care of complex backend commands and controls and makes the life of system admins easier. 

# Fast, Reliable and Scalable


Our swagger compatible, reliable, and secure REST API helps developers test, integrate and enable SMS capability in any third-party application with the least effort. Our white label swagger documentation plug-in projects you as an established player in the A2P segment.

# Connect with vendors over HTTP

HTTP Gateway

Integrating non-standardized upstream vendor HTTP Gateway and handling a wide variety of responses and further mapping with unconventional DLR structure, can be challenging. We accepted and delivered. Our system also supports an OAuth-enabled vendor gateway. 

# Multiple interface, wider reach

SMPP Server

Extend industry-standard, SMPP connectivity to your partners and facilitate them to connect their ESME to your SMPP Server. SMPP interface is becoming a de-facto choice for new age enterprises. Our robust SMPP engine takes care of rationalized TPS, IP security, and syn flooding. 

Additional ad-ons such as a custom DND lookup, MNP dip, and HLR dip can be integrated with your SMPP Server without any hassle. No technical expertise is required. 

# Direct upstream connectivity with telco

SMPP Gateway

Connect upstream traffic with any vendor over SMPP protocol and manage custom TPS and sessions with just a few mouse clicks. Our web-based GUI, helps you configure sessions on the fly without restarting any component. This helps scale traffic without any downtime.

# Get alert before things go wrong

Notification Module

Critical parameters of the application are monitored at regular intervals across multiple data points and suitable alerts are triggered to stakeholders via email before anything goes out of hand. This module supports custom template management of alerts for more personalized communication.

# Deep dive into packets

PDU Logger

Every message entering in SMSC or going out is logged for troubleshooting. A large amount of data is generated via the PDU logger. Our online PDU logger comes with a filter to trace the journey of any message and inspect the various types of PDU such as SubmitSM, DeliverSM, Bind, Unbind, etc. in real-time.

PowerSMPP Advantage

Increase your revenue by removing all middleman and connecting directly to Operator over HTTP or SMPP or SS7 protocol

Data Security

No need to keep your customer data on third party reseller panel. Get your own dedicated, hosted panel on cloud

Quick Feature Update

A2P messaging application development is our core expertise and no one does this better than us.

LCR and Custom route

Increase your shrinking margin. Get the app, bring routes from multiple vendors and take advantage of LCR

How It Work?

Book a meeting with our business team to discuss the modules most desirable for your business, rest is taken care by our team

Modules At a Glance

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