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Open Source SMPP application : Scaling out


When it comes to SMPP application, its the architecture which matters. Various applications are developed and available in and around  Kannel. If you are a tech savvy person and technology enthusiast most probably you can setup your Kannel and kick start your first SMS campaign in couple of days.
Major hurdle you may face in due course of time in scaling out your solution in terms of  increasing throughput. As business grows, problem increases. Absence of any proper PDU debugger tool, which can drill-down any issue, , poses a challenge for your support team while handling any technical issue reported by end user.
Over and above TCP level error handling, troubleshooting is also a big challenge. All these things can be handled by effective planning of System Architecture and using proper tools.
Architecture of any SMPP application,  majorly decided on throughput requirement between ESME &SMSC and vice-versa. Handling traffic on larger scale needs hybrid approach while choosing right kind of database for right task.
While open source SMPP application and open source Bulk SMS sender tools can help you get started with your average traffic, but in future you may  feel the need to scale the things in more robust and reliable manner.
We at Power SMPP try our best to understand client requirement and suggest them the right approach on how and where to use open source and right time to adapt a proven proprietary application.

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