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SMPP vs http


SMPP was initially developed to test the functionality of telecom equipment, however in no time it was widely adopted and grown as a mature communication protocol.
The biggest advantage of SMPP is that it supports two way messaging and maintains continuous connection with SMSC. Being stateless protocol SMPP maintains its edge over http protocol.
Over the period of time, SMS mareketing volume has increased drastically. Demand risen in the market place for more bandwidth, multiple session connectivity over SMPP, higher throughput with SMPP Telco Gateway. SMPP protocol has the ability to meet these requirements.
While designing the architecture of our SMPP Server, future scalability of the application was our first priority. As long as you have enough hardware resource, keep scaling your business and volume.
Apart from handling larger volume, rest API developed on http, also lacks standard parameter accross the providers. At this point SMPP come to your rescue.
SMPP protocol has enough documentation exclusively created for developer community to develop a strong and powerful enterprise communication application.
If you feel that its time to scale up your SMS aggreegation business and provide faster SMS Gateway to your clients, we will be happy to design your own SMS Gateway along with SMPP Server and SMPP Client.
Happy Messaging
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