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SMPP protocol is widely used in enterprise communication. Often we receive requests for developing an integrated solution where a single SMPP server can cater for both MO and MT traffic.
Technically things are pretty clear and simple, however the biggest challenge faced by engineers is to design the architecture and database handling. With years of research on the subject, our technical team has developed a solution called iTextWeb, which can handle SMS MO and SMS MT traffic on single SMPP Server. The biggest advantage of iTextWeb is that clients can receive DRL and SMS-MO traffic on same receiver/transceiver bind.
With our years of experience in this domain we understand that managing a software without having any knowledge of technology, at times becomes tough especially in case of error handling. Keeping in view these constrain, we have designed the application with a visible workflow. It means you can start and stop your Windows Service for the web interface itself. All the connected ESME binds to the server can be monitored from the web panel itself. You need not to log in to server and run TCP View or Netstat. PDU dumps are easily available in readable format through logs to nail down any technical issue.
Apart from MO traffic, iTextWeb has the capability to work as ESME and connect multiple Telco’s at a time to push the SMS MT traffic.
Feel free to share your feedback on the product.
Team Power SMPP

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