Two-Way SMS: Effective Customer Interaction for Business Growth

Why Two-Way SMS?


Many businesses still rely on texting to communicate with huge groups of clients in real-time. However, They are unaware, that many of those messages are receiving responses. This could mean you’re giving up important relationship-building opportunities. Two-way SMS eliminates this barrier by allowing companies to engage in real-time SMS conversations with their customers.


Two-way messaging service allows users to send and receive SMS from a dedicated number through a web messaging platform using a complete solution or application programming interface (API). Shortcodes or virtual long numbers are being used for two-way sms (also known as virtual mobile numbers). Read the blog Enterprise SMPP SMS MO and SMS MT to understand the technical part.


Advantages of Two-Way SMS


Businesses can use SMS marketing to plan, schedule, and automate programmes. Given that 51% of millennials are willing to reveal their phone number in exchange for a reward, 2 way SMS can be particularly fruitful.


Immediate, direct message delivery:


Text messages are typically delivered within seconds, allowing organizations to send time-sensitive messages quickly. In addition, SMS open and response rates are far greater than email open and response rates. Consumers are more likely to make purchases if communication is quick and direct. It also motivates people to respond quickly to other marketing initiatives like surveys.


Automation using Two-way SMS:


Automated, dynamic responses based on pre-defined phrases that identify client preferences can be set up using the two-way messaging service. Time and resources are saved as a result.


User-friendly APIs:


good two-way SMS providers give simple APIs that allow organizations to send, receive, and track messages. They can easily be combined with third-party tools and applications.


Low cost, high conversion, and ROI:


Because call-to-action SMS texts are brief, concise, and do not contain any links or images, conversion rates are high. SMS campaigns are less expensive to set up and run than other forms of marketing. Because businesses are working with existing consumers or people who are willing to receive communications about their products and services, the ROI (return on investment) is higher. Businesses can also gain useful information by employing two-way SMS and convincing clients to participate in surveys.


Multi-faced CRM :


The two-way SMS system can be coupled with CRM systems to schedule messages, set up reminders, and automate responses from email to SMS. All replies can also be sent to an email address (SMS to email).


Easy Access in Two-Way SMS: 


When someone opts to receive SMS communications, businesses don’t need to remind them to whitelist their shortcode in order for their messages to avoid being filtered as spam. Furthermore, text messages can be sent and received on even the most basic mobile phones. As a result, SMS is a very accessible and effective method for businesses to communicate with their customers.


Manifold Uses:


Businesses can utilize the 2 way SMS system to develop engaging and interactive marketing campaigns. It is, nevertheless, important not only in sales but in a wide range of corporate activities and industries. Lead generation, customer support, billing and collections, supply chain management, travel, corporate communication, and more applications employ SMS.

Complete A2P SMS Hubbing Solution

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Two-way messaging service allows users to send and receive SMS from a dedicated number through a web messaging platform using a complete solution or application programming interface (API).
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