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5 Points before you purchase Bulk SMS Software


Bulk SMS Script Software is a complete hosted web application, also known as hosted SMS panel. It can be an Open Source solution or even a proprietary application. Though every SMS panel has some common set of features, but you should always check for few additional goodies which are really essential to save you some money while executing your future campaigns.

Below is the list of five such features which are must have for any bulk SMS sender software:

1. SMS Tracking: We hardly sanitize our database from time to time, due to lack of tools and availability of real-time SMS tracking system. In due course, we end up paying again and again for the same junk database which does not add any real value to your SMS campaigns. SMS tracking feature can help you profile your database in each and every campaigns, resulting automatic profiling of hot leads.
2. Optin- Group Messaging: Often due to regulatory compliance, in some countries, we are unable to send SMS on Do-Not-Disturb numbers. It is always desired to develop an Opt-IN/Opt-OUT Group using inbound SMS (incoming SMS) autoresponder to keep up to date Opt-IN list. A ready to use opt-in module in bulk SMS software is highly recommended to maintain all your opt-in database online.
3One-To-Many: One to many is a very cool feature, where you can send SMS to a large group/list while you are offline. A typical use case can be a school principal wanting to communicate to all students about any emergency message while he/she is traveling and do not have any internet. One-to-many features allows you to send a single SMS to a dedicated number and same can be broadcast to a large group or list.

e.g SMS Group ID Message <Dear Student, School will remain closed tomorrow> and send it to 919898XXXXXX. All one need to save the template and long code number in his mobile phone.

4. Auto Responder: Auto-responder is a great feature to engage with your customer at regular interval by sending your customers a predefined message from time to time.
5. MMS enabled plugin: MMS type message contains a picture, video or even an audio file and converted into a short URL dynamically and media files are mapped with that URL. All media files can be maintained in local server for better reporting and analytics. This futuristic plugin is very useful in promoting your brand at large scale with better visibility
A powerful Bulk SMS Sending Software (SMS Web Panel) may contain lots of features, but features listed above are really productive and adds value for your customer.
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