Convert SMS HTTP API into SMPP API in your software in less than 3 minutes

Facing a problem with HTTP SMS API in your software?


It’s time to adopt the change. You often face problems with your HTTP SMS gateway API provider while sending messages from your software application. Most desktop applications do not provide the facility to add more than one SMS gateway into their configuration of SMS gateway URL.


Due to this, At times you are forced to compromise on your services. Moreover, in case of a large SMS volume, you cannot enjoy the facility of load balancing.


Over the period of time, the SMPP gateway has become the reality for faster SMS submission, but a majority of desktop applications do not have support for SMPP.


In order to bridge this gap, PowerSMPP has launched plug and play SMS booster API. SMS booster API not only boosts your performance but also acts as a bridge between your desktop application and the external SMPP SMS gateway.


The best part is that you do need not to upgrade anything in your software. All you need is just point your HTTP API to our SMPP Booster API which is running on the same machine where your application is running.


Once it is done, you can go to the SMS booster web-based management console and add multiple SMPP gateways. You can also define your own routing rules based on sender ID and configure load balancing of SMS traffic.


The following flow diagram will explain to you the working principle of SMS booster:



  • Better redundancy with multiple gateways
  • The flexibility of routing based on Sender ID/Destination
  • Save cost using on-net routing
  • Load balance traffic using multiple gateways
  • Faster submission of SMS over SMPP
  • Easy Failover gateway switching
  • Easy Report viewing and download
  • Web-Based management of the gateway


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