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Jasmin sms web interface

Jasmin SMS Web Interface

Managing Jasmin SMS engine over command line has never been easy.  To make your life easier, we have developed a web interface for Jasmin SMS Gateway. This (GUI based) web interface allows you manage customers, providers in just few mouse clicks.
We have also added a configuration module with PDU logger to record entire traffic in database. PDU logger makes  troubleshooting a piece of cake.

Our solution can also be customized for HLR Dip for MCC and MNC or DND filtration through the external database using an intercepter. Intercepters can be created from easy to use web-interface itself.
Sometimes you also need to send fake DLR in test environment. Fake DLR can be configured and customize as per requirement.
A live demo of Jasmin Web interface (GUI)  is available with the following credentials:

URL :  www.powersmpp.com/jasmin
username : jasmin
password : jasmin@12345

WhatsApp to know more: 919909945175
In case you are looking for a B2C portal that works in sync with  Jasmin Engine, where traffic can be stored in a database, you can also explore our proprietory application  iTextHub, which is highly compatible to work with Jasmin SMS Gateway and it can solve the problems faced by aggregators .
iTextHub is the best fit to work with Jasmin SMS gateway in few minutes. Following are the feature list of iTextHub:

(A) User Control Panel (UI)

1. Compose SMS
– Manual Entry of mobile numbers
– Auto show hide group contact if user clicks on enter number text box
– Import numbers from File (Txt, csv, xsl)
– Import numbers from Groups
– Option to select From Header (Sender id) from dropdown
– Option for sending Flash SMS
– Option for scheduling
– Option for filtering out duplicate number
– Character Counter
– Option to Send Long SMS
– Option to send Unicode Message
2. SMS From Excel
SMS from Excel is designed to upload data from excel file directly. It has there variants:
(a) Upload only number (suitable if the message is common)
(b) Upload numbers and message (suitable if the user wants to send variable message to each number)
(c) Upload Excel file with multiple field and design dynamic message based on different columns(we call it online excel plugin)
3. Sender Id (From address or Mask) Manager
– Add Senderid for approval
– Edit Senderid
– Delete senderid
4. Contact Management
– Add Group
– view Groups with total contact count
– Short Link to send message to group
– Bulk Import Contacts Wizard (Copy and Paste, From file , Manual entry)
– Export existing contacts
– Black List Manager
5. Reporting
– Dashboard reporting (Data view and Graphical view) with last 3 days of data
– Campaign wise reporting
– Detail reporting of each campaign
– List view reporting (complete DRL irrespective of campaign)
– Date wise / Time wise filter
– Sort DLR on various fields
– Export DLR in excel
– Separate Scheduled SMS reporting
6. Transactions
– Details Credit transaction detail
7. Settings
– Change password
– Service support request ticket (an email sent to support team)
8. Top Navigation with handy tools
– Insta Credit Balance
– New Alerts Count posted by Admin (shows details on single click)
– Ability to see specific user alert or general alerts
– Change profile
– Quick link to help center
– Log off button

(B) Admin module

(1) User Dash board
– Add new user manually
– Auto complete search by username
– Manage user profile
– Multiple Tabs to manage API, Sender id, View DLR, Manage Credits, Assign SMPP Account
– Option to activate/deactivate API
– Option to white list IP
– Option to change routing
– Option to allow Dynamic Sender id
– Option to Lock/ Un-lock account
– Option to apply SPAM Filter for SMS Content
(2) View All Clients
– View consolidate details of all client
– Export client
– Sort clients
(3) Transfer Credits
(4) Manage Notification
– Configure notification for individual user
– Configure notification for global users
(5) Site Branding
– Set Company logo
– Option to add support email / phone
– Configure domain/ sub-domain
– SMPP Setting for sending email communication

(C) SMPP Configuration

(1) Add SMPP Route
– Add multiple SMPP Gateway
– View TCP connection state
(2) Start SMPP Server on particular port
– Configure SMPP Server
– View connected User
(3) SMPP Service Manager
– Start/Stop SMPP Client
– Start/Stop SMPP Server
– Start/Stop Scheduling Service
– Start/Stop DLR Service

(D) Advance billing module

– Manage Countries
– Manage Network Operators
– Manage Network Prefix
– Manage Cost per network
– Manage pricing plan and network for every user
– Manage base currency and display currency conversion

(E) Two way SMS module (Not included in basic application. Can be purchased as Add-on)

– Configure inboud (MO) connection
– URL forwarding
– Option for forward inbound message to end user using SMPP
– Assign Long-code/Short code
Feel free to reach us at +91-9909945175 for any query
Skype: hexwireless.business7

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