Role of Routing in SMPP: Which Routing Logic Do Your SMS Services Require?

When talking about SMPP applications for your SMS services, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken care of, and one of them is routing. The role of routing is very important in terms of competitive edge and revenue generation. Routing forwards desired SMS through various logics defined by admin according to user’s requirements to their… Continue reading Role of Routing in SMPP: Which Routing Logic Do Your SMS Services Require?

Jasmin SMS Web Interface

Managing the Jasmin SMS engine over the command line has never been easy. To make your life easier, we have developed a web interface for Jasmin SMS Gateway. This (GUI-based) web interface allows you to manage customers and providers in just a few mouse clicks. We have also added a configuration module with a PDU… Continue reading Jasmin SMS Web Interface

Bulk SMS Panel Software

Bulk SMS panel software is owned by aggregators to kick start their online SMS marketing business. Ownership of bulk SMS panel software facilitates aggregators to scale their bulk SMS business and also empowers them to own their own bulk SMS application. Following are the advantages of having your own bulk SMS panel software: Data Security… Continue reading Bulk SMS Panel Software

SMPP Server C# Windows

Our iTextHub messaging app is a hosted SMPP panel (all in one) and compliant with SMPPprotocol which helps you to connect/bind unlimited external SMPP gateways. SMPP gateways can be purchased from any Telecom operator or a bigger established aggregator.