Upgrading from shared reseller panel to own agreegator SMPP SMS panel

Every business or platform requires regular updates and upgrades to cope up with market demand and needs of their clients. Over the years  Bulk SMS industry in India has evolved very rapidly. The biggest gainers were agreegators, who have shared their platform to smaller resellers as volume fillers.
Over the period of time, volume of bulk SMS increased many fold, and the platforms shared by agreegators started crashing due to scalibility issue. While resellers were strugging hard to cope up with inconsistent SMS delivery, many case of data theft by agreegator were also reported due to shared platform. Even after knowing all these facts, it was difficult to pull out form any third party SMPP platform as, there is no easy option to migrate from agreegator panel to another. This was the time, when resellers started understanding the technology and business model and started hunting for their own SMPP sms panel and SMPP gateway. We could easily make out from keyword search results of a leading search engine that keywords like best SMPP sms panel, SMPP gateway, SMPP software India, SMPP service prodiver india were trending on the top for SMS industry. Now the challenge shifted from data security to technology know how. We, at Hex Wireless, understood the pain of  resellers and came up with the idea of empowering resellers, with a state of art technology product iText Web under brand name Power SMPP. We have designed a SMPP SMS panel, which has online admin module and management services. Our main objective was to make the things very simple and no technical knowledge is required to operate this product. The biggest advantage for resellers was that, now they were owner of their own SMPP panel. Now they have a technology company supporting them on day to day basis to enhance their own product. They can customize their SMPP panel easily. They can add features of their choice. True freedom. Since the entire application was hosted on their server, there was no worry of data security. Our self hosted SMPP panel is an On-Premises solution with option to connect multiple SMSCs. Now they are free to add any number of external SMPP gateway into their application and also design their own load balancing logic to handle larger SMS campaign. Additional plugins such a Missed Call, Voice SMS, Short code and Long code, has further empowered them to showcase their entire product range on a single panel.[/caption]


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Hexwireless, has team of professionals with more that 25 years of experience in telecom domain.

5 Points to consider before you buy SMPP SMS Panel

smspanel1If you are into bulk SMS business and currently using any rented or agreegator panel and seriously considering of owning your own SMPP SMS panel, following are 5 points to consider before you buy your SMPP SMS Panel.

1. Know you requirement

You should analyse your SMS traffic for last six months and also take into consideration future traffic before reaching to final figures. Once your volume is calculated, you need to figure out your TPS (Throughput SMS per Second). From your business prospective your can calculate how much time you can afford to push 1,00,000 SMS traffic.

e.g If your requirement is to push 1,00,000 SMS in a span of 60 mins then, you require a TPS of 25-30 SMS per seconds.

It may be noted that design architecture of any application changes based on throughput requirement. Always keep in mind that higher TPS always demands right kind of infrastructure , resources and holistic approach in your design. Even a delay of milliseconds at network layer may reduce your TSP drastically.

2. Choosing the right hardware and software

Once your TPS and SMS volume (traffic) is decided, you need to choose the right kind of hardware and software. Keep in mind that higher TPS requires faster IO operation and you need a hard disk with higher RPM or better go for a SSD drive (slightly expensive, but worth investing).

Any data sensitive application where frequent database connections are opened for updating DLR and managing QUEUE and reporting, you need to choose right kind of database where faster writes can be achieved. We understand, choosing the right database for your requirement is not an easy task. But do not worry, our dedicated solution architect can help you at this point.

Note: There are many cracked SMPP software are floating in market place which will never give you desired throughput. Such software’s may also contain viruses which may hack sensitive information from your server. From your business prospective, data security is very essential in this competitive world.   Never fall in pray of cheap SMPP software/panel. Remember, When comparisons are made facts can not be denied.

3. Choosing the right Hosting Provider

In any client server arrangement, latency plays a vital role in achieving higher throughput. Before choosing your Hosting provider, for your SMPP SMS panel, make sure to check the latency between your hosting provider and your SMS gateway provider. Nearer you are, the better throughput you will achieve. Apart from latency, you must check SLA for up-time. Any thing above 99.9% is acceptable. Also check with your hosting provider on their upload speed. Any thing above 15-20 Mbps is recommended.

You need to choose between VPS or Dedicated server for hosting your SMPP application based on your traffic.


4. Evaluate after sales support

Make sure you are working with professionally well equipped and well trained people who can provide you effecting after sales support. Also check for availability of the proper ticketing system. Few interactions with different departments will help you creating your perception about the team.

5. Pricing

As mentioned above, when comparisons are made facts can not be denied. Two apps can not be compared just by a visual demo. Performance of back end engine matters. Performance can only be compared when you push high volume traffic during peak load. There is no free lunch in this world. Be ready to spend some extra dollars to face-lift your app, if it really adds some value to your business. After all it may be one time investment.

We hope above points will help you making the right decision for your business.

In case of any query or free consultation on your architectural design for SMPP application, you can always reach us. We have team of experts who have more 25 years of experience in telecom domain.

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SMPP Server C# Windows

Our iTextWeb Messaging app is a hosted SMPP panel (all in one) and compliant with SMPP protocol which helps you to connect/bind unlimited external smpp gateways. SMPP gateways can be purchased from any Telecom operator or Bigger Established agreegator.

You can establish/bind multiple session with any third party SMSCs and SMS gateways to exchange your SMS traffic.

In enterprise solution there is a possibility to build custom configurations and to integrate message processing into your solutions. The messages and the configurations are saved in the central database and can be tweaked with few mouse clicks.

To send messages by SMPP protocol you must have aSMPP client. SMPP client which communicates with SMPP server using SMPP protocol. You can send a single message or multiple (async). SMPP client must take care of SMS and deliver them to server. When there is a change of status for an SMS, then SMPP server will transmit a delivery report back to client. So, we don’t have to care about making extra actions to retrieve the delivery report for a message. SMPP client will take care of that.

The flexible mechanism of traffic routing, allows you to split the traffic into several parts and to forward the messages via correct gateway and proper load balancing is achieved.

Our Messaging server is designed to deliver individual billing for each customer.

We also provide SMPP C# server library which can be downloaded from our download section for developers to develop their SMPP Server.

Enterprise SMPP SMS MO and SMS MT

SMPP protocol is widely used in enterprise communication. Often we receive requests for developing an integrated solution where a single SMPP server can cater for both MO and MT traffic.

Technically things are pretty clear and simple, however the biggest challange faced by engineers are to design the architecture and database handling. With the years of re-search on the subject, our technical team has developed a solution called iTextWeb, which can handle SMS MO and SMS MT traffic on single SMPP Server. The biggest advantage of iTextWeb is that clients can received DRL and SMS-MO traffic on same receiver/transceiver bind.

With our years of experience in this domain we understand that managing a software without having any knowledge of technology, at times becomes tough specially in case of error handling. Keeping in view this constrain, we have designed the application with a visible work flow. It means you can start and stop your Windows Service for the web interface itself. All the connected ESME binds to the server can be monitored from the web panel itself. You need not to login to server and run TCP View or Netstat. PDU dumps are easily available in readable format through logs to nail down any technical issue.

Apart from MO traffic, iTextWeb has the capability to work as ESME and connect multiple Telco’s at a time to push the SMS MT traffic.

Feel free to share your feedback on the product.

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SMPP vs http

SMPP was initially developed to test the functionality of telecom equipment, however in no time it was widely adopted and grown as a mature communication protocol.

The biggest advantage of SMPP is that it supports two way messaging and maintains continuous connection with SMSC. Being stateless protocol SMPP maintains its edge over http protocol.

Over the period of time, SMS mareketing volume has increased drastically. Demand risen in the market place for more bandwidth, multiple session connectivity over SMPP, higher throughput with SMPP Telco Gateway. SMPP protocol has the ability to meet these requirements.

While designing the architecture of our SMPP Server, future scalability of the application was our first priority. As long as you have enough hardware resource, keep scaling your business and volume.

Apart from handling larger volume, rest API developed on http, also lacks standard parameter accross the providers. At this point SMPP come to your rescue.

SMPP protocol has enough documentation exclusively created for developer community to develop a strong and powerful enterprise communication application.

If you feel that its time to scale up your SMS aggreegation business and provide faster SMS Gateway to your clients, we will be happy to design your own SMS Gateway along with SMPP Server and SMPP Client.

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