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TPS Calculation for SMS / SMPP Application

Being in Enterprise Messaging Platform Business for more than a decade, we always receive this question from various enterprises on how we calculate the TPS of my platform. How do I calculate the Throughput / TPS of the SMS/SMPP application?   TPS (Throughput Per Second) is one of the most important aspects of any enterprise… Continue reading TPS Calculation for SMS / SMPP Application

Insightful Billing Module

With the increasing growth in the international market calls every business is expanding globally. Entrepreneurs often face the hurdle of generating handsome revenue out of it. The challenges assumed in the international market were more critical when the economy and currency level fluctuated in different countries of the world. What are the major challenges faced… Continue reading Insightful Billing Module

Role of Routing in SMPP: Which Routing Logic Do Your SMS Services Require?

When talking about SMPP applications for your SMS services, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken care of, and one of them is routing. The role of routing is very important in terms of competitive edge and revenue generation. Routing forwards desired SMS through various logics defined by admin according to user’s requirements to their… Continue reading Role of Routing in SMPP: Which Routing Logic Do Your SMS Services Require?

Enterprise SMPP SMS MO and SMS MT

SMPP protocol is widely used in enterprise communication. Often we receive requests for developing an integrated solution where a single SMPP server can cater to both MO and MT traffic.