MT stands for the Message Termination in which the message will be terminated from the application from different interfaces like ( HTTPP/SMPP/WEB ) to your vendors and received over mobile phone

However, MO stands for Message origination .The term MO message stands for “mobile originated” messaging. This type of message refers to a message sent from a mobile phone. More precisely, this is a message that customer/subscriber sends from mobile phone to mobile marketing and mobile SMS provider through the SMS platform. This MO hits can be captured over application as Inbox hits ( also known as two way messaging OR ShortCode/LongCode service )

96. Does ItextHUB supports Push Pull services ?

Only push is supported, not pull. simply the incoming message ( MO ) coming from the supplier will be displayed on UI in application as Inbox hits in user account and furthermore can be forwarded to client over HTTP call back URL or ESME account over SMPP

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