a. Total DB size

b. Total ESME session and Total ESME connected session (Total number of sessions connected in the system (smpp client & smpp server connections))

c. Gateway id ( Configured TPS in gateway (sessions multiplied by TPS) )

d. Message submitted per second on the gateway (check this on wireshark) and ensure is application submitting as per the TPS configured.

e. Interface type

f. Username

g. Open the glances and check CPU & STEAL CPU consumption: If high check which process is consuming high CPU.  Check CPU, IO wait and Steal percentages.

h. Check the memory consumption: If high check which process is consuming high RAM

i. Ping the gateway for 15 min and share the ping stats

j. Open the Wireshark, check if the messages failing with 1038 & 1039 are visible in the wireshark. (Live wireshark capture (Minimum 30 mins)).

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